Maa …

My Dear Maa,

Date: 05/05/2011

Place: Vadodara

Take my Pranam. This is the first time I am writing a letter to you. The last time I had written letter was during ‘Letter writing lesson’ at school. So, I might miss following some letter writing etiquettes which you taught. I have forgotten many things that you taught me till date. You made me sit on your lap when I was a kid and taught me to respect elders, stand up when they come near you if you are sitting or sleeping, do Namaste to them, never raise your voice in front of them but still put your opinion with great confidence and dignity. I am not doing that Maa. I am not able to. Everyday one elderly man who works in the tea shop serving me tea and I am not paying any respect to him. I call elderly people by their name in office as we follow a different culture at work.

Okay, let me come to the point., Where are you? I am searching you since many years. After I started assuming that I know how to do things myself, I am not able to find you around. I asked my brothers and sisters staying in Odisha, Bengal, Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra and many other  rooms but nobody knows where you are. Are you angry with us?

You know. I am working in a multi national company and earning handsome salary. Although my work is not directly helping my brothers but it is helping aunt’s family a lot. I work on healthcare so I have some contribution in the service of healthcare to my cousins. May be one day my work will benefit my brothers. I have told my company to cut some amount of money and send it to you. Is that reaching you? As I am sending money, I think I am doing my duty as a son. One of my elder brothers said you need my time  more than money. Let me see, what can I do for it.

Maa, I know you went through so much pain to bring me up. Your teachings, ambience and love made me what I am. But you could not give us the facilities that badi masi gave to her kids. That is the reason some of my brothers went to masi’s house to stay there. I did not go although cousin’s called me several times because I find it comfortable here. Your love is unique for me. I feel, you love me more than others. But, when I need you now, I am not able to find you.

I know we brothers are fighting, killing each other, hatred is there everywhere, younger brothers are not treated well but that should not be the reason for you to leave home or hide somewhere. I know one of my brother is not getting home in desired locality due to his belief in a certain way of living. I also know that some of my brothers have become violent due to repeated injustice by others. I know some younger brothers are not getting enough food or facilities to run their family. But I am sending you money, no? You can solve these problems with the money that I am sending.

Yeah, I know another reason for you to get angry is that I did not participate in the selection of the committee who will take care of the household activities but I do not have time. I can only pay money. Let rest of the brothers take care of those activities. Out of 1.2 billion brothers if one is not participating, it will not harm anyway.  But I heard they are very corrupt. I feel sad about it and trust me I have written two blogs on it. what else I can do? you tell me.

Do you know? My son fell sick. I took him to doctor and spent so much of money but he was still not getting well. Then I remembered what you used to give me when I was a kid. Can you believe it, It worked. But I have forgotten most of it. Can you please write them and send it to me. I will keep a scanned copy so that it will not get lost.

Have you heard about the masi whose house broken recently due to earthquake and tsunami. I hope they will come back to normal soon. I heard that Grand mother was angry that’s the reason she only did this to masi’s house. Grandma gets angry very often now days. She is complaining that kids are misusing her properties that is the reason she is angry. Tell her not to get angry.

Maa, being said all that, bottom line is, I am missing you a lot. Is it that if I change my bad qualities, get over my incapability then you will come back? Do you want me to become a Bharatiya so that you will return. Do you want any more money? Tell me what you want. I will do that but please come back.

Yours dear Son,

Son of Bharat Maa


– Stray Dog


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4 thoughts on “Maa …

  1. Very well said..while starting, i thought it must be about really parents but at the end can realize it about our Bharat Mata and yes like our parents,we are missing her also a lot….

  2. Thank you Nisarg. I am very happy to know that you (Your friends) liked it. I was not very happy after writing this because I could not express my thoughts the way I wanted to. I understood why it happened, after reading your below comment in Facebook yesterday “Clear thoughts is presentation of settled nerves.Cloudy thoughts is presentation of chaotic nerves.”

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