Promoted: Senior Husband!!!???

Vishal reached home after a days hard work. He is struggling with a problem since last 3 day and has not found any solutions yet. He has very few days left to complete the project and there is hardly any clue till now. Bagmita (His wife) opened the door and took the laptop bag from him and offered him a glass of cold water. He drank water, gave the glass back, unbuttoned top 3 buttons of his shirt and allowed gravitational force to let him fall on the sofa. His daughter came running and directly jumped on him and hugged him tightly. He got a slight pain but he felt as if he is in heaven at that moment. All his stress, pain, worries and anxiety vanished in seconds. He got up and started playing with his daughter. He became horse and let her daughter climb on him. They they played hide and seek and many more games until Bagmita threatened them that they will not get dinner if they do not come to dinning table in  next 5 minutes. They both ran to the dinning table and Vishal helped feeding his daughter by telling stories etc. After dinner Bagmita handed over a letter to him. He opened the letter and found it is handwritten letter and the handwriting is of Bagmita’s.He found it surprising. He guessed million reasons and then started reading the letter.

Dear Husband Mr. Vishal,                                                         Date: 01.01.2011

I must appreciate you for your wonderful performance last year in the role of a husband and father. You have not only did all your duties but also exceeded in many of them. You have never brought your official duties or worries to home. You had answered my calls every time in this entire year except when you were driving or at work. This not only shows your respect for your family but for your profession too.. You have helped me in house hold activities whenever possible.You have played and taken care of your daughter whenever you got time. You have helped me in maintaining a good and peaceful environment at home and neighborhood. Considering these performances, I am pleased to inform you that you have been promoted. You will now be called ‘Senior Husband’ by your wife Bagmita and ‘Senior Father’ by your daughter.

Keep up the good work and I wish you lots of luck and love in the coming years. I expect a long and rewarding married life.

Thanks and Regards,

Your wife Mrs. Bagmita

He was pleasantly shocked and dumbfounded.


– Stray Dog


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5 thoughts on “Promoted: Senior Husband!!!???

  1. Unbilivable…my eyes getting wet!!…. I will put this on my FB as want others to keep thier stress aside, read it, get some smile, feel the pain of their family if not yet, and may be motivate them to worry about their promotion as Sr. Husband or Sr. Father at home then Sr…at office…

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