How I became spammer?

Mistakes are inevitable as long as you are alive. It is not always true that you did not know the repercussions and did something. When you saw the results, you realized that you made a mistake. Many a times you do something with a particular thing in mind and when you see the outcomes there is completely different result. Let me explain you with my recent mistake/blunder.

I saw one email from my friend regarding his blog. I read his blog and liked it. Then a thought came in to my mind, because I am publishing my blogs in Facebook and Twitter, there are chances my friends would have missed reading it because so many updates coming from so many friends. I also thought, there are chances that many might not have created account in Facebook or might not be using Facebook regularly. So It is a great idea to send them one email regarding my blog.

Why it is necessary that others should  read my blogs? When somebody reads a blog and comments, I feel motivated. I look for another opportunity to write another blog. This does not change the idea that I am writing for my own satisfaction. The more I get comments, I get motivation to write blogs hence I feel satisfied. So, the sole purpose is to make myself satisfied. That is a selfish motive.

Why sending them email to read my blog? That is because, my friends, are my friends. They know me, they have loved my earlier writings during school or college days . If I let them know that I have started writing blogs they may love it and read the blogs.

What I did? I composed an email and then came the time to choose contacts. I selected one contacts one by one. After 7 or 8, I thought all in my contact list must be my friends as I do not add others to my contact list. Clicked on ‘Select All’. Then was about to click on ‘send’ button, my daughter pressed the play button of our old tape recorder. It played “Tujse Naaraj Nahin Zindagi, Hairaan hoon main’ which means ‘I am not angry with you life, I am just worried’. I could not understand the signal god was trying to send me. I clicked on ‘Send’ button.

What happened? I got dozens of emails in few seconds. There were many Mailer Delivery Notifications, auto replies and the some messages notifying me that service request created for my query. Then I reviewed the email addresses, there were many email addresses which I could not recognize. Upon review I understood that every email I received and sent, all those email addresses were stored in my contact list. That contained email addresses of many consumer product helpdesks, mobile phone service providers and many other. I thought still it’s okay till I received below email.

Umed Rana to me, ), Aav, AjiTa, AKS, Amit, THESIS, Kumar, Nayaz, srilata82, priti, Suni, Yateesh, મયૂર, punyabrata.kha., patisaroj_ar, ***Rangu, ●๋•Sяιтιкα, ●๋•کhíváppá, 3S, Abhaya, Achint, aj_patra, ajit, Ajit.Patra, Akhil
show details 9:16 AM (23 hours ago)

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hai sakti i red your blog. is good. i am umed rana from uttranchal iam
a tour opreator in northen india if you intrested to addvencor so coli
mi 09412984495, 09557464668 or buck your tour.  and injoy the neacar.

On 4/23/11, Sakti Bagchi wrote:
> Hi All,
> Please find my new blog on Namaste. Please provide your comments and
> valuable feedback.
> Thank you,
> Sakti

This email went not only to me but all whom I sent email as well. I realized that, I not only sent email to people but also exposed their email address to many others. I had no other option that feeling bad and ashamed for my idiotic act.


                                                                                                                                     – Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “How I became spammer?

  1. Hahahaha… I remembered the dialog from some hindi movie… Pyaar kiya to nibhana to padega hi”/… Corollary… “Select All kiya to bounce to khana padega hi…” ya “Dosti kiya he to nibhana to padega hi” hahahaha 😉

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