Who killed my mood?

Aangry-bhai got up in the morning, opened the door to take the milk packets and kept them in the kitchen. Opened the packets and poured it in a vessel in order to boil. Then natures call did not allow him to stand for another one minute so he ran to the toilet. When he returned after answering the call, he found that one cat was in the process of cleaning the vessel after enjoying two packets of Amul Shakti milk. Aangrybhai got extremely angry and ran behind the cat but his bulging tummy and loose towel did allow him to run for one and half meter only. Now Aangrybhai does not have any milk to have his morning tea so he is really angry.

Bangryben (Aangrybhai’s wife) came from puja room after 30 minutes of puja and meditation. She was in a very good mood. She cleaned up mess in the kitchen which cat had done. She borrowed milk from neighbor’s house and prepared tea for Angrybhai and prepared breakfast too. Aangrybhai was still angry due to morning incidence. He did not like the toasts that Bangryben prepared as they were little hard. He shouted at her and tried to teach how to prepare food. Bangryben can tolerate anything but can not tolerate anybody teaching her how to cook. Now Bangryben got angry too.

Then Bangryben went to buy vegetables from the nearby shop. The shopkeeper Cangry was in a very jolly mood. He had sold vegetables worth Rs 1000/- as soon as he opened the shop. He can’t ask for a better starting. Bangryben came and started choosing the tomatoes. She could not come out of the hurt that Aangrybhai gave him this morning. She picked two, three tomatoes but found them partially rotten. She threw one rotten tomato which fell close to Cangry’s leg and told, you always keep rotten vegetables. I will never buy vegetables from you. Because of you I listen to so many things at home. She walked away. Observing and listening her, another woman also went to the next shop.Now Cangry was angry.

Then Dangry kaka came to buy some potatoes to Cangry’s shop. Asked him for 2 KG potatoes. Cangry asked for Rs 32 for 2 KG potatoes but Dangry as always insisted on paying only Rs 25 and he said he does not have money. Cangry told him not to come to his shop if you can not pay. He added that he is not doing any charity here. Dangry kaka never expected such behavior from Cangry who was brought up by him since the day Cangry’s parents passed away. He went  upset from there straight to the house where he works as gardener.

Upset Dangry kaka while taking care of plants, unmindfully put his leg on the owner’s pet dog’s tail. Then the pet dog instantly turned and bit him. Although he was not hurt but he was more angry now. He took a stick and hit the dog badly. Hearing the dogs cry the owner of the house Mr. Eangry came out and scolded Dangry kaka for this behavior and threw him out of job immediately. Dangry Kaka had got this job with great difficulty. Now nobody will give him job at this age. He does not have anybody to take care of him. Frustration, anger and hopelessness made him unmindful. He did not realize that he was walking on a busy road. Suddenly one vehicle came and hit him. He was released from all his worries immediately as his bleeding body was lying on the road.

If the cat would not have drunk the milk, Dangry Kaka would not have died. It is the anger chain which killed Dangry kaka not his un-mindfulness. Or if anybody in between would have broken the chain then we could have saved Dangry kaka’s life. Source of anger are many and we get many reasons to get upset but it’s up to us to either take this emotion the way it was communicated to us or transform it into something of our own style. Somebody comes to us and behaves in a negative way and we immediately go to bad mood. Then we blame that person for killing our mood. But truth is, we are the owner of our mood and we can control it.

– Stray Dog


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