The “I” in India

“ I am paying so much of tax every  year but this government is not doing anything. See how much is the corruption these days. There are no proper garbage collection system.” My friend complained. “All these money is going in these corrupt ministers pocket or corrupt beurocrats pocket.” he continued and he also proved why he does not want to stay in the country and go to another country and settle. He explained with great excitement, how the other country is providing benefits against the taxes paid etc.

I tried to relate this situation anybody’s home. Assume somebody will come to you and complain “I went home today and my wife did not give me a glass of water. I do not know why, I am paying so much money to this house every month. I am planning to stay in my neighbor’s house. Whenever I go there, I get a cup of tea with variety of biscuits.”. I am sure nobody will say or do so Smile. Rather will go and get the glass of water himself. Correct me if I am wrong Smile.

It is very vital to realize the importance of our contribution to this country. We are needed for this country’s success not only through taxes but by contributing in many other nation building activities where people like us are needed.

Some even complain “All the money we pay via tax is going to poorer states or sections and there is nothing left for us”. or some even complain “Why should I donate? I am paying tax to government, they should take care of all these”. This is very similar to complain for not getting better facilities in house being a earning member because a lot of money is spent on kids or younger brother who are either not earning or earning very less”

This society is like a big joint family. Your earning is not for you but for the entire family. You are working on behalf of the family so that everybody gets a better life. Similarly, We are working on behalf of our country.We are the earning members of this family. Now it is our duty not only pay the portion of salary once in a month but take care of weaker members of this family and solve houses problems.

Corruption, Naxalism, Terrorism, hatred among different section of people is because of our selfishness. We live life for ourselves. We look straight and do not bother to look if anybody is needed our help. We are busy getting our target in what ever means possible.

Now it is time to act. I am planning to contribute 8 hours of one Sunday every month to this country.

-Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “The “I” in India

  1. Tre bein(Very good)! I am very happy to see thoughts on same page once again!

    I would like to share one example I share with my beloved ones to help them understand concept of Nation and how vital my contribution is to Nation.

    Our most basic conscious & conceivable body mechanism is single cell.Every individual cell(Compare it with YOU) connected to every other cell(Compare it with your fellow citizen) in community of 30+ trillion cells(compare it with Nation..See..put yourself in front of larger organism and you will find Nation building task very easy.We are just 1.2 billions! Very easy to manage if we compare it to our miraculous body – Nation of 30 trillion citizens).

    There are two aspects of every body cell.One is individual existence and collective community existence (What we say as YOU or I vs What we say as BHARAT or INDIA or AMERICA)

    If as an individual cell, I decide to live for own self and work on mission of my know what we call it? CANCER CELL.

    Don’t let this cancer feeling drive your life. Live for community(Collective cells make tissue), live for city(Collective tissues make heart), live for state(Collective organs make respiratory mechanism),live for Nation(Collective mechanisms make Body i.e YOU)

    Don’t be selfish, connect your nerves with community and become witness of miracles.

    1. Very well said Nisarg. This is such a nice way to explain. Thank you for sharing this thought with me. Let us see how far we can put our thoughts in action and inspire others.

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