The hypocrite in Me

I was riding my bike with usual 40 KMPH speed and found one car about to take a turn from the other side of the road to my side of the road. I honked thinking I passed an order to him not to move till I cross. He still continued taking turn. I honked again and again. A similar horn in my mind was also blowing to increase my anger. Then finally he won, he took the turn and went ahead and I had to break and stop for him to cross. I immediately murmured, “At this 38 degree temperature, can’t he just put break and wait for me to cross. After all he is in Air-conditioned car and  it wont hurt him if he waits for few minutes. I am in a bike this sun is like sucking all fluids from my body. These people have money to buy cars but do not have little bit of courtesy, manners, etiquettes and heart at all. Idiots!!!!”.

Then I continued my bike ride with a packet of anger and packet of frustration in my head. I saw one man standing on a divider and trying to cross the road. I saw him moving ahead. I increased the speed so that I can cross the road before he comes in front of me. Please note, atmospheric temperature did not drop but my understanding about so-called courtesy, manners, etiquettes and having a heart changed in a minute. I did not care for him.

Then the other day I was going in car. I was in a situation where either I have to put a break or another motorbike rider had to. I immediately justified that it is easy for him to stop because if I stop then many vehicles behind me had to stop. So, I am doing a social service by not showing courtesy, manners, etiquettes and presence of heart.

On roads we honk assuming we are the king of the road. My honk is like an order, others should follow it. If somebody disobeys my order I continue passing orders one after the other irritating everybody on the road and road side. When I find my way to go ahead of him, I try to give an  angry look assuming he will feel bad for his act and arrogant behavior. Even after seeing him and understanding he is thinking “”Who Cares!! Get lost!!”.

When somebody else honks behind us I think, “What the hell he thinks about him? Where is the place to move. I will teach him a lesson. I will not let him go ahead of me”. If he crosses me somehow, then I give him an angry look while thinking “Go to Hell!!!”.

It is so strange, I find justification for whatever I do and prove ourselves that I am right. But truth is I am a hypocrite. This road example is not just a singular scenario. We do this everywhere. We teach kids which we do not follow, we try to lecture our spouse which we do not follow and we give super GYAN to friends which we do not follow. 


– Stray Dog


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7 thoughts on “The hypocrite in Me

  1. Recently I visited foreign land. Surprisingly, I did not hear single horn even in most crowd traffic. Practice before preach is not easy rule to follow. I really don’t feel gist when hypocrites share super gyan(so do kids when hypocrites parents lectures them) however I do improve when Gyan is from hypocrite who is aware of his/her hypocrisy and is working on it. And I like your blogs 🙂

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