Son, You may break rules

I picked Navneel (My 2 and 1/2 year old son) from school and was on my way to home. I was busy talking to him and was not giving much attention to the road as there were hardly any traffic on road at that time. Suddenly I saw a bike coming from opposite direction and just few meters away from me. He was driving in a wrong direction.  I had to put a sudden break and the other person showed his great driving skill by changing his direction quickly and crossed me. We both were unhurt. I was tensed as well as angry on that person. The other guy looked relaxed and continued his driving skill demonstration to many other vehicles behind me. I had no other way to express my displeasure other than shouting and scolding him which he can never hear because of closed windows. But I was getting a great satisfaction by scolding him. After all ‘He was wrong’. By son asked “Ki Holo Baba?”, which means ‘Father,what happened?’ (in bengali). I said that uncle did not follow rules and we were about to hit each others vehicle. My son did not bother much and not sure whether he expected an answer or not. But I did my duty as ‘I was right’.

The next day morning at 7:00 AM Hiya (My 4 and 1/2 year old daughter) demanded that she wants sandwich for breakfast. We did not have bread at home. So, I took my bike and went in search of a shop which is open and has sandwich breads. I took my son along with me. I had little time to do the expedition as she has to finish breakfast by 7:20 AM to catch the school van. So, I was in a hurry. While driving I noticed a shop open in the other side of the road where I can get sandwich bread. If I have to follow the rules, I had to go for 1/4 Kilometer then take a U turn and come back another 1/4 Kilometer and then reach shop. I had another option, to just drive in wrong way and reach the shop quickly. And I did that. Not sure whether my son understood that his father just broke the rule that he was complaining about yesterday or not. But one day he will understand. If he understands why these rules are there, then he will disrespect me for not following them. If he does not understand, then he will disrespect the law and may face consequences.

There are many such scenarios where I hate people for breaking rules and I break rules when it is inconvenient for me to follow. So, if not today, after few years my son will learn from me that you can break rules when needed. Rules are for others. I have a responsibility of building the next generation by giving correct education to my children and young ones around me but if I am irresponsible then can not expect much from next generation..

I see people talking over cell phone while riding bikes or cars, their kids are watching them seating in back seat. So, a clear message to the kids that you can talk while driving. I have seen people buying pirated video CDs and DVDs and enjoying the movie with kids at home. So, a clear message you can watch pirated DVDs as well. So, this means, I want to see my kids successful in life but it’s okay if the do not follow the land of law.

After realizing this I try to follow rules. What about you?

– Stray Dog


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2 thoughts on “Son, You may break rules

  1. That’s true… My Grandfather had thought me the rules… I still remember his words, while riding the bike or walking on the road, but sometimes situation makes me to break the rule, that time i tell myself “SORRY” and give smile on opposite person… then go on…

    I see in your blog that you’re passing the message to kids that” clear message to the kids that you can talk while driving”… I believe this is not correct message to pass kids.

    What I believe is we can’t talk while driving”

    1. Swapna, I was trying to be sarcastic here. In this blog I am trying to convey the message that if you break rules then you are passing the message to your kids that they can also break rules. So bottom line is, don’t break rules if you want your kids to be good citizens. Sorry If I confused you here 🙂

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