Missed Call

‘Give me a missed call once your are ready’ this is a very common statement and is nothing unusual. Here cell phone is used as a beeper and one party asks the other to alert the other by beep to convey that he or she is ready. When both the parties are having some understanding, a beep can mean many things. This not only saves money but also time. Before we understand all the benefits of this feature, let me explain you what a ‘Missed call’ means and how different it is from ‘missed’ call.

When you receive a call in your cell phone and phone stops ringing in less than normal number of rings, then it is called as ‘missed call’. Here the message is conveyed by just the ring. This call may not come again.

‘Missed’ call is when you receive a call but due to some reason you could not pick up the phone. Here no message is conveyed yet except question marks. The caller of ‘Missed’ call may call you back again if the matter is urgent or important.

In this blog I am going to write about ‘Missed call’ so, now on do not expect quotes.

When a girl friend is at a situation where she is not allowed to speak to any boy, but wants to talk to his boy friend. Here they have an understanding, Girl will give a missed call to the boy when there is nobody around, then boy will call the girl. Here missed call is to convey the message that I am now is a position to talk. Here a question may arise, Why can’t girl call the boy instead of giving a missed call? I am not sure, but I have always seen boys making the full calls but girls missed calls, not the other way round. Even if both are earning same amount of money. I may be wrong. Girls, If you do not agree, please enlighten me with the truth, but do not get angry.

When somebody is expected to come outside your home/office/mall etc and you are expected to come out and join him/her then the person gives a missed call from outside and you know he/she reached. Now you go out. Think of this situation without missed call. The person will call, you pick up the phone and then he will say “I have reached”, then you will say “Yes, Coming. Just wait for few minutes. I am ready”, He will say “Okay, I will be waiting here”, you will say “See you”, then he will say “See you Bye”. etc. These all are of no use except wastage of time and money. When not picking up the call can convey the same message why to pick up the phone.

Somebody needs your number. In order to give the number to somebody the prerequisite is to know your number. You know your number either by memorizing it or by writing it down in some notepad.Now a days usage is notepad is rare so only option is to memorize it. Trust me, 80% people I know do not memorize their phone numbers. So the only option left is to give a missed call. But in this scenario one party has to be in the 20% category, who remembers his/her number. So he/she tells the number and the other person calls and hangs up. ‘20% category person’ gets a missed call, stores the number and gives a missed call back. ‘80% category person’ stores that as well. So you exchanged numbers without spending any money or calling somebody else to ask what your number is.

If you misplace your phone somewhere and not able to find it, you just call the phone and you hear the ring. You trace the phone from its ring. You get it and see there is a missed call.

If two unknown people wanted to meet somewhere. They communicated earlier via phone but they have not seen each other. When they arrive at the destination, one gives the call. The person whose phone rings is the person. Now sometimes this gets confusing when many phones ring at the same time. Here either give another missed call or go for a a full call.

You do not have money left in your phone to make a full call and you want to talk to somebody. You  give a missed call to the other party and the other person calls you. But here you must have some balance to make the missed call.

There are many other situations and messages conveyed too “Take me out of this” when you are bored and want convey your partner without letting others know, “Come here” when you want somebody to come closer but feeling shy to tell that in public,”Time to go” when the other person is busy talking and you want that person to go etc etc.

There are many such advantages of this feature, surprisingly as well as thankfully no telephone company charges for missed call. But this concept comes into picture where you care about resources like money and time.

Now think of missed calls without mobile phone.

You are searching for someone in crowd. That person finds you and calls you in a crowd. You locate that person and smile at him/her. Then you go near that person. Here it was a one way communication but it solved the purpose. This is a missed call.

Now think of this scenario. You invited somebody to come to your house for dinner the next day and he/she does not know the address. That person comes to your house previous day and rings the calling bell. You peep from your window and he/she sees you. Then you go back to your work and do not open the door because you do not expect him/her to come for dinner today. That person also goes back without feeling bad because he came to find out the address not to talk or have dinner.

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3 thoughts on “Missed Call

  1. If Telephone Company would have charge for missed call then there will be no more missed calls…

    Situation without missed call: we attend the from the person who comes to pick you up because to have good conversation between both of them, Once we tell to that person that “Hey I am coming”, then that person think she/ he is on the way, sometimes if it becomes late also that person don’t call you back again again… because he already received the message, and he is waiting for you… I believe this is not wastage of time and money

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