Weight Limit: 23 Kgs

May be this is the last post from Boston, MA in this trip. Bags are packed and kept on a wall close to the door. They are looking at the door and me alternatively. They have been fed well and their tummy reflects that. There are question marks on their face regarding their fate. Will they reach Baroda or not? How many times their privacy will be compromised during this 22 hour long trip? Will the X-rays affect their health or not? One of them is already tired and leaning on the wall. He is almost 10 year old and had put his application for retirement twice in last year. I did not accept his application yet. The other one is just few weeks old. He is very energetic but I am not satisfied with his performance yet. May be I have to put him in ‘Performance Improvement Plan’.

I am busy recollecting my memories scattered all over. Memories of talented, knowledgeable, caring, warm and enthusiastic people. Memories of so many new people and some renewed people. Renewed because I knew them earlier but I got to know them from a different prospective. I am feeling heavy due to these memories and getting some kind of sensation at heart. But I heard doctors cannot treat this kind of problem. Thank god there is no weight limit for people travelling via airlines. Otherwise I would have to pay extra for carrying these memories and I do not think that can be reimbursed.

If I just carry memories then most of my friends will not feel happy. So, I am carrying some very precious bundles of knowledge. I cannot keep them in my bag as they may get lost. I have tried to absorb them. Hopefully I will be able to get then back to their original shape while sharing with friends waiting for me.

I wanted to shed some weight by gratitude. I tried but it did not help me reduce any but I gained some more.

I know I always believed that this is a wonderful world, full of wonderful people, but I never felt that so much as I am feeling today.

– Stray Dog


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