Women’s Day

Creating this world, filling it with happiness, adding spices to it and making this a place where we would love to live life is only possible by a woman. Home makers, bringing the entire world of happiness and fitting them in four walls is only possible by a woman. Keeping the heart above every other thing, spreading the message of care is only possible by a woman. Despite all skills and knowledge allowing a man to take decision is only possible by a woman. Sacrifice for betterment of humanity is only possible by a woman. Fighting back and getting the due rights till the end is only possible by a woman.

I salute every woman today on women’s day, specifically, home makers for doing the most difficult and important task. I salute every mother for selflessly taking care of the kids till they can walk away without looking back. I salute every working woman for giving a tough challenge to male chauvinism by talent and making the work place more pious. My salute to every daughter for making the world so beautiful,  by their presence and innocence. I salute women in general for  helping men to stay social animals than just animals.

– Stray Dog


Published by Sakti

Simple living, lots of talking

One thought on “Women’s Day

  1. There are only few men who can understand about the woman’s sorrow in all the stages, as a daughter, sister, lover, wife, mother, grandmother…. I think you are one of them

    W –>willingness
    o –>outspoken
    m –>mature
    a –>adventurous
    n –>naughty

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