“Hey!! Did you do your assignment? It is so tough. I do not understand what that teacher teaches. Our subjects are so difficult to understand.” after some seconds pause “it is so hot here. Why they do not have generators here. Your room fan is very slow. You room is very hot compared to mine. Why don’t you put curtains?” after some seconds pause “I am having some gastritis problem. I am not able to digest hostel food. They do not cook well here. I miss my home food” and after some pause… this continued for 30 minutes. One of my hostel-mate came to my room and he was telling all these to one of my two room mates. My room-mate was patiently listening to these but never dared to ask any question because it may add some more topics to his frustration list. Suddenly thought of a good name for him i.e.  USU.  Which stands for Unsatisfied Uncle. We all laughed at him and gradually everybody called him as USU and forgot what his real name was? Again after sometimes I upgraded it as FUSU. Which means Frustrated Unsatisfied Uncle.

Nobody, absolutely nobody is interested to listen to your problems for a longer period. You tell them once, people will sympathize, you tell second time people will hear you silently, then on it goes to deaf ears till they start hating and avoiding you. Problems are your very own and trust me there are people who have more problems than you. So life is to work on your problems so that you get rid of old ones and get ready to handle some new ones. If you preserve your problems then they will grow as monsters and one day will eat you.

I always remember a song sang by Legendary Kishore Kumar “Jab dard nahin tha siney main, tab khak maaza tha jeeney main”. Which means, when you do not have pain in your heart there is hardly any fun in life. So it is important to develop the skill to enjoy our pains and problems. Then you will find problems running away like when you try to preserve happiness it goes away.


– Stray Dog


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