Friendship is a relationship which is above all other relationships. This is a relationship which has no boundaries. You do not carry any baggage with you while maintaining friendship. I have heard people saying, my mother is my best friend or my father is my best friend or my wife is my best friend etc. Which makes me believe this relationship is above all social and/or biological relationships. Friendship has no boundary as such. You can be a friend of anybody and with a friend you can share any problem or achievement. There are many people, whom we call as friends but they are not really your friends.That is the reason you make only few of them as your best friends.

Beauty of friendship is, you trust your friends more than yourself. If they say something not good about you, you take them seriously and work on them and if they say good to any of your work you take them as your best rewards. You do not expect them to flatter you. If you put some comment in facebook and if many people write good things about it then you feel good but if your best friend just clicks on ‘Like’ button you feel great. So in this relationship, less is more impactful and you never expect more. If you are in trouble and get a phone call from a friend then you do not feel that helpless, you feel as if there is a support standing beside you. In your happy times attendance of you friend makes you feel so great which any gift can never get you.

Like any other relationship, this one too based on trust. But, if you goof up and break the trust then your best friend forgive you faster than any other relationship. They do not really think much about your misdeeds because they understand you more than you understand yourself. They know when you need advice, when you need scolding and when you need appreciation. They think only for your benefit without involving their ego as well as benefits.

It is difficult to get such friends but those who have any are the luckiest in this universe.

– Stray Dog


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