Love and Fear

Love and Fear are very close to each other. Love is very delicate. You choose some people in life and you feel they are important to you. You start put efforts to make them happy or in other words, impressing them, gradually you start changing your normal style as well as normal life in order to make your loved one happy. Days pass by you find you are uncomfortable. You try finding the reason and one day you discover that it is the love which is causing you discomfort.

You start thinking ‘Will I be comfortable if I get rid of my loved one’. You realize that answer is ‘No’. Then where is the problem?

The problem lies within you. You have made changes to yourself to make somebody happy and make yourself acceptable by others. It is not they who changed you, its you who changed yourself. So you are uncomfortable about the change in you. So what is important is to bring yourself back to the original state, where you feel comfortable. Now there is a problem too. If you change yourself will the person who loved you will continue loving you? Because that person always saw you in this different/changed way. Here fear comes into picture.

Initially due to love, you changed yourself and now due to fear, you are not able to make yourself comfortable. Now if you remain uncomfortable for a long time, you can no longer continue to love your loved one. This will cause lack of love and the loved one. After that the damage made to relationship will become irreparable. So it is better to change yourself to original one now. Slowly and gradually. So that, each change is accepted one by one and you retain the amount of love you used to shower on your loved one. This will help you be comfortable and still retain your love.

– Stray Dog 


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