Satisfaction : Mind game


Satisfaction does not come with any materialistic object or external factors. It comes from within. Nothing can satisfy you unless you get a signal from inside that you are satisfied

When in mid-summer I used to say my mother that it is so hot. She used to tell me “Think as if cool breeze is coming in and it is cold around here”. I used to say. “what rubbish? What will happen if I think like that, will the temperature go down”. She used to laugh. Now I think, may be she is not wrong. I have experienced wonders by just thinking opposite of what my mind is forcing me to think.

Everybody around me were talking non-sense, blaming me for taking a wrong decision. I know I was right and that was the best decision I could have taken at that point. I was realizing that I am getting angry while clarifying my stand. It reached to such a peak that I could feel my fingers, jaw and lips shaking while I was trying to talk. Then suddenly I remembered “Think that cool breeze coming in”, I forced myself to think they all have some misunderstanding and problems which are troubling them which is making then talk this non-sense. I forced myself to start thinking that they are unhappy, they have a problem and they need a hope of solution. “Hope of solution”, that clicked me. I got to know that they do not need an immediate solution rather a hope that there will be a solution to their problem. They need affirmative answer from me than just defending myself. I suddenly felt I am so relaxed. I am not angry anymore. Suddenly from somewhere I got a brilliant idea and acted on that. Everybody in the room accepted it and their dissatisfaction gradually reducing.

WOW!! Thanks Mother. You saved me.

I applied that again and again in different situations and I saw results. So what we think is not decided by other people or situations. It is up to us. If I think I am satisfied then nothing in this world can make me dissatisfied. If I want to remain dissatisfied nothing in this world make me satisfied.

– Stray Dog


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