We are more than confident that it will come. Everyday we make many promises about tomorrow. We keep our most important tasks unfinished with the confidence that we will finish it tomorrow for sure. Many a times we work so hard without rest today so that we can relax tomorrow.It came every morning without fail and that’s why I believe it will come but are we sure? What is the guaranty that tomorrow will come?

Few years back when I started my career in Bangalore I had only one passion in life. Work, workplace, work-friends and prove the whole world that you are the best at your work place. I kept on doing so and succeeded everyday in my short term goals. This gave me more enthusiasm to continue. But in order to achieve one you may have to sacrifice many. I did so. I sacrificed sleep, proper and timely food, health  etc. Is that it? no, I ignored friends, family etc.

Actually, I did not ignore, I postponed them for tomorrow. I thought once I am successful I can enjoy all the things that I missed enjoying or all people whom I ignored.

I used to leave for office at 9:00 and come back at 11:0o /Mid-night/1:00 AM/2:00 AM. Actually there were no fixed end time. My parents had come from my home town to my place so that they can stay with me. Actually I invited them to come and stay with me as there were nobody at my home town. So, they did so. But I was hardly there at home accompany them. My college friends were staying just few meters away from my home but I was able to meet them only once a week. One of my friends was very sensitive and he used to always tell me rather guide me that life is not all about work.He was my best friend. He used to talk to me about his worries, his problems with friends and his happiness. He was there with my parents more than I was. He used to take my father to the club that my father loved to go. My friends used to take care of my parents more that I used to think about them.

On night, I came home from office at 1:00 AM. My parents were waiting for me for dinner as usual. I had dinner without interacting much with them as I was extremely tired due to work (project deadlines were approaching) and dance (practicing dance for an office event). I went to sleep as soon as I had dinner. When I was in deep sleep, I heard some music. Very similar to a phone call. Somehow I got up and picked the phone. It was my best friend. He told me to come outside as he was waiting to talk to me. He wanted to talk to me about something. I sensed that he was drunk. I knew that he will talk about some issue that has hurt him. It might not be related to him but as he was one of the greatest soul on earth, he used to worry about anybody around him. I was extremely tired and had no interest to talk to him at this hour. I told him I am extremely tired and can we talk TOMORROW. He said fine and hung up. Then I went to sleep again. I again heard some music after some time. I was so much in deep sleep that I could not recognize that as mobile ring. Then after sometime may be around 4 AM I heard the ring again. I woke up and picked the phone. It was my another friend who called me to tell me that my best friend met with one accident, he asked me to bring all other Friends and come to a particular hospital. We all went there to see he was no more. Then all guessed after calling me, he had taken his bike and was going to another friends place in order to talk but he met with an accident. So for me and him ‘Tomorrow’ never came this time.

So is it a singular instance where tomorrow never came. No, it can happen for the most important task, most important person. But can we do everything today. No. Then what is the use worrying about the thing which we have no control?

We may not change anything by worrying but we can be prepared for the fact that tomorrow may not come. Try to believe that you still need to survive without some most important people in your life and most important tasks unfinished.

I know it is hard but that the way.

– Stray Dog

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”  -Aristotle


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One thought on “Tomorrow

  1. great writings….its true…and in the process of pushing things to tommorow…we miss to know some important people in our life…of how they really are…since we think there are many “tommorows” to know them….but with many becomes too late..misunderstandings remain misunderstandings…and sometimes after a long period of “tommorows” we realize that understandings were actually missunderstandings…

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